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Regular Events

Celtic Seasonal Celebrations

Hannah from Tree Mystic offers beautiful events to synchronise with the Celtic seasonal festivals throughout the year.

Join her for ritual, story telling and a vision journey aligned to the festivals of Samhain in May, Imbolc in August, Beltaine in October, Midsummer in December and Lughnasadh in February.

Women's Circle

Keely Merrett offers Women's circles once a month in the Temple Room.


This is a space for you to feel deeply replenished, to retreat, rest and be held in circle by your sisters around you. It is for you to honour your body and soul's need for sacred space. To remember how powerful and sovereign you are within. To surrender what is ready to fall away. To feel safe to be seen and witnessed as your sovereign self.

This special gathering will include a selection of the following;

  • meditation

  • personal intention setting

  • clearing energetic blocks

  • releasing rituals

  • collective sharing

  • sisterhood connection

  • drinking herbal tea

  • eating nourishing food

  • honouring Mother Earth

  • singing

  • cacao ceremony

  • playing and creating with divine feminine energy

Other events

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